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According to a study by Forbes where top social impact agency professionals were asked to weigh in their predictions for brand purpose initiatives in 2018, these are some important take-outs:

"Gen Z is likely to be very motivated by purpose. More than 30% has already donated to charity. Gen Z will want to support good causes by doing something experientially, versus a passive engagement.”

Also interesting to note is that "from 2014 to 2016, corporate disaster relief assistance has increased by 91% as companies rise to fill gaps in government support".

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Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc is joining Airbus SE and Siemens AG in their quest to develop a 100-seater hybrid electric aircraft that will fly by 2020.

Siemens and Airbus have previously worked together to develop a single-aisle plane with a 20 to 40 megawatt electric drive as a first step. Siemens demonstrated a smaller aircraft at air shows earlier this year and aim to have a commercially viable hybrid regional passenger jet flying by 2030.

There are an increasing number of companies exploring sustainable aviation with new technology. So it will really be a race - this new partnership drives the race further and we can only hope for speedy innovation!


Facebook announced their efforts to contribute to social good this week during their Social Good Forum. Tools included a system to help during disaster, 100% of donations through platform will go directly to NGO's and a $50 million Facebook Donations Fund which which is to help communities with disaster recovery via direct donations and matching contributions.

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