Creating electricity from the plant’s photosynthesis where the leaves functions as solar panels. An incredible innovation which leaves your imagination wonder off: If this could be done with a forest – how much electricity could be generated then?

Bioo Lite, is developed by Arkyne Technologies. Specialised in the innovation of renewable energies, telecommunication hardware and software development. Based in Barcelona.

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In 2015 countries adopted a set of goals to ensure sustainable development. All goals have specific targets and are planned for 15 years and companies are vital in playing their part to reach these goals.

Take a look at what applies to your business or you as a private person.

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Prototypes are being tested but Pierre reports that one lamp can take 1 ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere per year. Apparently this is as much as an average tree absorbs during a life-time of approximately 150 years.

Super interesting project which highlights just one of the innovations you can do with algae.

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