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Another book which emphasizes the need for advertising to change. If all marketers could use their often rather large budgets on doing good - they would not only do the best marketing there is but also contribute to society at large. I truly enjoy this wave of new thinking coming from the marketing side.

“We are at a crossroads: either we can try to prop up the old, broken marketing model, or we can create a new model, one that is fit for the unique challenges of today.”

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  • Writer's pictureElin Wibell

Interesting take on the future – we might hire a service instead of actually owning things. New business models like Airbnb and co-sharing (cars/clothes) are paving the way for a more sustainable


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I believe H&M is one of the best companies working with sustainability – mainly because they have seen the opportunities but also because they've been under a lot of fire especially when it comes to factory working conditions. Now they are under fire again.

Their latest campaign for the fall collection celebrates women and challenging stereotypes – how being ladylike can take many shapes and forms. Even though the campaign has received major positive media attention it has also come under scrutiny. Launching a campaign which is not fully aligned with other policies may backfire. If you truly stand for a value make sure that you have thought it through and that vision reflects throughout.

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