In 2015 countries adopted a set of goals to ensure sustainable development. All goals have specific targets and are planned for 15 years and companies are vital in playing their part to reach these goals.

Take a look at what applies to your business or you as a private person.

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Prototypes are being tested but Pierre reports that one lamp can take 1 ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere per year. Apparently this is as much as an average tree absorbs during a life-time of approximately 150 years.

Super interesting project which highlights just one of the innovations you can do with algae.

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The Canadian company Carbon Engineering (CE) has created the world’s first air capture plant. Their vision is to bring industrial-scale air capture to market.

As economies try to meet the daunting technological and policy challenges of making deep reductions in CO2 emissions, and as industries try to reduce their exposure to emissions-related financial risks, air capture will prove to be an attractive option in many markets and sectors.

Our best-practice engineering and cost-estimation efforts will allow potential investors and customers to make clear choices on the use of air capture or other mitigation options. CE’s detailed engineering and design work continues to push policy-makers to seriously consider air capture as an attractive tool in tackling long-term climate change impacts.

Carbon Engineering was incorporated in 2009 and is privately owned, funded by private investors including Bill Gates and Murray Edwards.

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