The Canadian company Carbon Engineering (CE) has created the world’s first air capture plant. Their vision is to bring industrial-scale air capture to market.

As economies try to meet the daunting technological and policy challenges of making deep reductions in CO2 emissions, and as industries try to reduce their exposure to emissions-related financial risks, air capture will prove to be an attractive option in many markets and sectors.

Our best-practice engineering and cost-estimation efforts will allow potential investors and customers to make clear choices on the use of air capture or other mitigation options. CE’s detailed engineering and design work continues to push policy-makers to seriously consider air capture as an attractive tool in tackling long-term climate change impacts.

Carbon Engineering was incorporated in 2009 and is privately owned, funded by private investors including Bill Gates and Murray Edwards.

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By combining new technology with thinking outside the box it's possible to change even the most traditional industry.

Electric cars have been the latest trend within the car manufacturing industry but Divergent Microfactories lab is taking it one step further by creating a car with 3D printed key building blocks.

After having realized that the pollution generated from manufacturing vehicles is far worse than the fuel their focus is to reduce the material, energy use, pollution and cost of car manufacturing.

According to their homepage it took less than 30 minutes to assemble the chassis by hand and technology is strong enough to build safe cars.

New business seem to focus on sustainability from the very beginning which is a comforting trend.

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Another interesting 3D project;

In June 2015, The Absolut Company launched a pop-up Creative Space in Stockholm to innovate around sustainable solutions when it comes to packaging and waste. The idea is to hack the areas of; reduce/eco-design, reuse/refill and recycling. Solutions such as own recycling stations, multiple solutions, second-life, no packaging/eco-design came up. The Absolut Company strives to drive progress in sustainable packaging, inspire their own production process and others - and to find a solution that could be implemented in production. Stay tuned for the next destination #absolutcreativespace

I'm biased since I was part of this project but it's fantastic to be able to work for a company which is so transparent and innovative and willing to learn and do more.

Creative Space is made out of old shipping containers with re-used material from production. They can easily be shipped to another location.

The Space has a fully functional workspace with tools necessary to create prototypes.

The Space hosted a hackathon around sustainability and was then open for anyone to use as long as they were working on projects connected to sustainability or social good.

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