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BEYOND Reporting: Impactful Sustainability 


Sustainability Reporting | CSR and Brand Purpose
Communication & Impact | Stakeholder Management

An Additional Resource on Your Sustainable Transformation Journey. 



Transform your business and comply with the upcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) with the necessary ESRS Governance and Impact, Risk and Opportunity management processes.


While preparing your business for upcoming legislation you will also gain better control of emissions, an infrastructure for action, and an overview of impact.

This will give you control of the impact you have on the world and understand the impact the world has on you.
See it as an opportuni
ty to upgrade your business and not just your reporting.




Build on your brand and strategy and improve your strategic intent by defining or redefining what your business is all about.


Brand Purpose is a holistic value-based approach that a corporation actually has a higher purpose. How is your business meaningful for people's lives? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Identify circular opportunities while considering the total environmental impact of your product. From the cradle to the grave. From raw material extraction through production and use up to recycling, and final disposal. 

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Manage change and communication to unlock the full potential of your ESG strategy and brand purpose. Embed these strategies and values into the organization and beyond.

Remember, people are the agents of change and your own internal ambassadors. Motivate the “who” and focus on individual responsibility.
Who can you help someone become?

Make the VP of Operations who reaches the reduction targets a leader in sustainable production and an inspiration for the industry.

Give your vision internal life and make sure everyone is aware of your targets and achievements.

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Move from a transactional relationship with suppliers to a more strategic one where sustainability and resilience come hand in hand. Map out and understand your multi-stakeholder sphere.


Consider the value equation for each stakeholder group, understand the drivers for each, and integrate those perspectives in ways that help ensure adequate and equitable returns to each (ROI).

Your materiality assessment will provide you with insights into stakeholder expectations. Focus on long-term value, better serving all.

Social Good Agency

Sustainability Reporting | Strategy & Br
and Purpose 
Communication & Impact | Stakeholder Management

Sustainability Reporting

An Additional Resource to set up your Infrastructure and Prepare the Organization

Ideation and Analysis of Current Programs

Internal Mobilization and Communication

STRATEGY & Brand Purpose

Define or Redefine your Brand Purpose

Identify Circular Opportunities

Ideation to find the right CSR Initiatives or Relevant Partnerships

Internal Mobilization and Communication

Communication & IMPACT 


Corporate Culture
Change Management 

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Mapping

Identify and Prioritize

Manage and Promote Engagement with Stakeholders

Public Relations

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