Our resources are not endless and we need to take action

Social Good Agency is a consultancy specialized in helping companies to define & communicate their circular business models and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. The consultancy is based in Singapore but specialized in global brands, with a wide network of contributors. Clients include NGOs, corporations, brands, and start-ups.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Define challenges & possibilities 

Strategic advice to build CSR into strategy - find your purpose & circular opportunities

Align your efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Identify and prioritize stakeholders in the philanthropic space

Ideation to find the right CSR/BSR initiatives: relevant partnerships or creative initiatives and projects 

Manage and promote engagement with stakeholders and community

Corporate Communications & Public Relations

Strategic Communication (internal/external) - consumer initiatives, employee campaigns

CSR Reporting

Crisis Communication


Being part of the solution for a more sustainable world​​

An integrated CSR vision and a circular strategy 

Contributing to the community in which you operate

Brand equity and a strong purpose for your corporation or brand(s)

Employee pride and engagement


CONTRIBUTION  The most meaningful program for the environment & the community

COLLABORATION  Use existing innovation, support science or collaborate to drive progress  

COMMUNITY  Contribution and engagement with your close community

CREATIVITY  Creative and interesting execution

COMMUNICATION  Impactful communication on initiatives to build your organization & brand


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