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The Department Store of the Future

Berlin is opening a department store which only sells recycled and second-hand goods.

As part of its effort to become a zero-waste city by 2030, the city is opening a pop-up shop on the third floor of the of the city’s Karstadt Hermannplatz department store. The pilot project will last for six months and if successful the city plans to launch more stores.

The store, which is to be called B-Wa(h)renhaus, sells only high-quality recycled and upcycled items. The new store has 650 square meters of selling space, and nine vendors offer products ranging from recycled and upcycled furniture and clothing to refurbished electrical appliances and toys.

In the store you can also enjoy dumpling made from “excess but high-quality” ingredients. A meeting space that will be used for a series of events to raise awareness of recycling and reuse and the possibility to allow shoppers to borrow cargo bikes to take their bargains home.


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