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Connect the SDG data to your CSR strategy

All SDGs are connected to certain indicators and there is real-time data available for you to check performances and standardization across regions and countries.

SDG data to build CSR strategy
How to connect SDG data to your sustainability reporting

Sectors that could benefit from a tool like the SDG Index and Dashboards include Governments, Civil Society Organizations, Impact Investors, International Organizations, and of course Businesses.

While Governments use the tool to identify areas for policy intervention and measure progress towards national SDG targets, Civil Society Organizations can monitor progress and advocate for more effective action on the SDGs, Impact Investors can use the data for regions to build a structural portfolio or making an investment in a specific sector.

Businesses have the opportunity to:

✅ Make better strategic decisions and align strategies

✅ Understand what needs to be done on a global or national level

✅ Use the data from the reports to better understand the challenges of the markets of the countries of operations

✅ Better understand how your facilities impact the community or nation of operations

Check out the Sustainable Development Report:

Ensure your strategy is aligned with the SDG data.


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