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Create an Impactful Sustainability Program in line with CSRD

With new requirements around the corner, you might consider where to start. Download this 4-Step Guide on how to set up your sustainability program and reporting in line with the CSRD and ESRS framework.

Create an impactful sustainability program in line with CSRD and ESRS
Guide CSRD and ESRS

Download PDF • 19.56MB

4-STEP GUIDE: An Impactful Sustainability Program in line with CSRD


Understand the requirements to identify the gap and the resources needed.

Ensure you have an organization fit for purpose. Take the time to ensure you have the necessary resources to do a good job.

  • Get familiar with the ESRS draft standard to understand what you have in place and how far you are from complying

  • Include the C-suite

  • Create a CSRD implementation plan and allocate the resources needed


Set up the internal infrastructure and reporting framework in line with CSRD. With more complex reporting demands, you better set up a system that makes it easy. Maybe your existing financial reporting systems include ESG reporting; otherwise, there are many softwares available up to date with current regulations.

  • Implement the right software reporting tool

  • Conduct a Double Materiality Assessment

  • Set Science Based Targets (SBT) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Environment with the right Carbon Accounting Software


Consider your strategy and brand purpose and what your business is all about. Better control of your ESG impacts and the infrastructure in place provide you with a better overview and the ability to identify opportunities coming your way. Take this opportunity to upgrade your business and not just your reporting.

  • Revisit strategy and long-term KPIs

  • Use your materiality assessment to learn and gain control over your ESG impacts and stakeholder expectations

  • Use insights to define, or redefine, your brand purpose


Manage change and communication to unlock the full potential of your ESG strategy and brand purpose.

The most important task is to embed these strategies and values into the organization and beyond.

  • Corporate Culture

  • Change Management

  • Communication

Companies subject to the application of the new rules as of January 2024 must ensure they have the necessary processes in place before the end of 2023.

There are many pieces in the puzzle - some you might have in place and some not.

If you need help in the process or with communication and brand building - reach out to Social Good Agency - A consultancy resource for your sustainable transformation journey.


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