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Upstream Innovation

Don’t miss 110 innovation examples and a cucumber not wrapped in plastic.

You know that bad feeling you have when picking up a plastic-wrapped cucumber in the supermarket. That could soon be over. By rethinking both the product and how we get products and services to users without creating waste.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation has once again provided us with an excellent guide. This time it involves packaging solutions. A quite straightforward approach. Based on the notion that the best way is not to be able to handle your waste but to prevent it from being created in the first place.

Rethink the product, the packaging and the business model.

Can it be that easy? Yes, it can. The upstream innovation mindset can be used to achieve three key circular economy innovation strategies — elimination, reuse, and material circulation. 3 simple steps.

Check out their guide and more than 110 innovation case examples!

Save the Environment and your Profit
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